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1988 Haro Master

1988 Haro Master

SOLD- she deserved more love and attention

I let the grail go  

i recently turned to the dark side of new school and simply wasn't riding this thing nearly enough to justify keeping it  I put baby in a corner.... And baby was worth a pretty penny that would square away some of the new school bike bills on the way when the Haro flatland master ships  

We had our fun together and it was time she felt that newlywed love of another man. Good luck with her Jeremy! Ride her hard and often my brother  

Original posting:

Of the many bikes I went through in my younger days this always stood out as my favorite in terms of everything - handling, reliability, looks, color, etc. So happy to have it back. It was the bike I had when my parents were awesome enough to send me to Woodward in the 80s and was what I rode when I was at the top of my game for flatland competitions. Lots of memories with my old master and this helps preserve some. 

It's Predominantly survivor and original. Frame, Fork, Bars, Stem, Post, Disc, Clamp, Gyro, Etc.

Switched out the Peregrine Cranks for some Redline Flights for practicality reasons. No Booing please!  The Peregrines were simply not happily marrying the spindle. Since all my bikes are flatland riders I went with the flights for reliability and weight factors.

Parts Breakdown:

1988 Haro Master Frame, Fork, Forkstanders, Seatpost

1988 Haro Team Issue Stem, Kneesaver Bars, and Chainring

Gen 1 Odyssey Gyro

Peregrine Seat Clamp

Viscount Dominator Seat (86)

Peregrine 48 wheels (Looseball "Semi Pro" Hubs with Chrome "super pro" rims)

Ame Grips

ACS Levers

DC Nippon Front Brake

DC 990 Rear Brake

Panaracer HP406 Tires

Redline Flight Cranks with Sealed BB

Victor Pedals

Punk Pegs by EmberBMX

Submitted by JohnnyFNM

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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