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2003 Haro TR 2.0

2003 Haro TR 2.0

This is the bike that started a trend all around my neighborhood, thus breaking my neighborhood away from Wal-Mart bikes.

It was about July 18th, 2012, and my birthday was on the 25th, I received $100 from my grandma, she suggested I buy a bike (I was already awaiting another bike, a Steel Reserve 1.1), and we went to my local bike shop, and found this little thing for $75. I rode it around the parking lot, and said, "I need this bike." So we bought the bike, put it in the trunk of the car and headed home (this was also my first name brand bike). When we got it out of the car, about seven of my friends were looking at it, and going like, "Woah! That's a cool bike! But whats a Haro?" The bike weighed exactly 26.1 pounds when I got it home, which made it the lightest bike in my neighborhood, and arguably the coolest. By the end of the day, everyone rode the bike, and did their research on Haro. This bike had to go through a lot before looking this good, though. The chain broke off when I was racing one of my friends on a trail, it bent the sprocket kind of, and thus taking the bike and me on a horrible nightmarish roller coaster. Then the chain became practically useless, making me throw it away and making the bike useless for now. I got a new chain, but to my luck, I wrecked and bent the handlebars. About this time, my friend pulled up to my house on a '90s Redline (trend is starting...), making us the only ones who have name brand bikes (but his bike was the lightest at this point, weighing in at 24 pounds), at Christmas, my other friend got a 2012 Hoffman Condor, making us THREE the only people with name brand bikes, about now we'd be at the present day, so I'll stop right here. Everything is stock on the bike except:

Pedals: Haro pedals
Tires: Haro Holeshot 1.75 (thanks to BMXmuseum member Teamrandr)
Bars: Mongoose
Grips: Mongoose

Submitted by HaroChild

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: TR 2.0
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details Hi-Ten steel frame and fork, coaster brakes, the usual.

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