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1988 Haro Dart

1988 Haro Dart

Twin to the one destroyed when I was younger.... Damn that man for running it over....

Ok, another one I shouldn't have purchased.  Sure glad I did though - this is a grail for me.  It has a few more scrapes then I saw in the original listing.   Surprisingly the dry-rotted original tires didn't burst when inflated.

  • Shimano 6 speed derailleur and lever
  • Shimano front brakes
  • Shimano Bio-Pace Cranks/Chain-wheel.  Originally had 165mm cranks, 50t
  • Compact roller rear brake

Looking for the following for this: 

  •   Rear disk valve stem access cover.
  •   Both caps for the crank arm nuts.
  •   Aero Bars?
  •   Anyone ever redo the decal set for these?  Would be really cool to get this powdered.
  •   How about any parts for these - I might want to stock spare parts.  Rims?  Wheel Covers?  Anyone?

Made Some <more> Upgrades!

  • New white seat and front brake pads.
  • Replaced brake cables.
  • Maxxis Hookworm tires.  These were a little wider then stock.  Required a cable tie on the rear brake cable. 100psi is fast, but the ride is a little rough.
  • New Promax brake levers.  I don't like the original Shimano's
  • Replaced the stamped-steel post to seat clamps with an aluminum set.  It looks better.
  • Replaced shifter with a new Shimano indexing one.  It took some time setting up; but it works really well with the original sis derailleur.  Now I've got push button shifting and a gear selector gauge!
  • Shadow Conspiracy bar ends
  • 350mm seat post.  So I screwed up and ordered a 25.4mm post instead of a 26mm like I should have.  Luckily Cane Creek made a 25.4mm to 26mm shim.
  • 110mm adjustable angle stem.  Got it set to 40 degrees right now.
  • New mtn bike bars with a 2" rise.  I think the factory painted these hanging from the right side.  Paint on the left side was too thick to slide the brake handle back on.  had to sand it down under the grip.
  • NOS Shimano BB-UN52 bottom bracket to replace blown out original looseball.  68mm bb shell and have 115mm spindle length
  • Shimano Bio-Pace II Cranks/Chain-wheel 170mm, 52t.  Must go faster.....  Bio-Pace II seems to be less aggressive.  My knees were starting to get sore with the 1st gen ones.  These are much easier on the joints.

Between the seat post, bars and stem the bike is way more comfortable to ride.  My knees don't hit my elbows any more and I get full extension on my legs.  Let's face it the bike is odd looking to begin with, so I'm just going with it. 

Did a shiny side on the rims and took everything apart for cleaning/greasing (yes - even the wacky FH-MR15-6 rear hub)  The freewheel actually clicks again - lol.  Important safety tip:  Front brakes work like crap after shiny-siding.  Thankfully rear drum brake not affected :)

Boxed all the stock parts that were removed.  Someday my children will sell all my stuff on the bay and the theory is they'll get more with all the original parts included ;)

Submitted by Falkor

  • Race
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Dart
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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