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1985 Haro Master

1985 Haro Master

Early (85/03)NOS Master F/F built with some nos parts and some (mostly) survivor parts.Built this to remind me of the bike I got for Christmas in 85.

Ive been building this for awhile now and Thanks to all the great members here that have made this build possible!
F/F NOS Early 85 Haro Master w/smooth dropouts(Thanks Vintage Chromoly!
Thanks to Droc for all these great parts from a survivor 85 Master He was parting with
Bars(Chrome Haro already had the blue ODI Mushroom so I left them on!) 
Stem(Redline Freestyle Forklifter Painted Logo)
Seat Post(Chrome Fluted Haro)
SP Clamp(Blue Hinged Dia Compe)
Headset(Blue Alloy Hatta!!)
Wheels(White coaster tuff wheels)
Brakes(Not from the same bike but NOS blue dia compe 880 and tech 4`s Thanks Droc!)
Other parts sourced from the museum
Cranks (Redline Full Wrap Flights in 175mm and early machined on one side 42 tooth chainwheel)
Pedals(MKS Graphite X)
Seat(NOS Dominator Gold Font..not proper blue font I know...)
Chain(Chrome Izumi)

Not from here...
Cables blur (P Chop)
Valve Cap Dice(P Chop)
Brake Dice(P Chop)
Tires(Duro Blue P Chop)   

Submitted by Redline40k

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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