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1987 Haro Sport

1987 Haro Sport

My brother´s first good bike, rescued 20 years later...

This must be the most heartfelt rescue job I have done yet.This bike was purchased complete by my bro fred in 1989, to some dude in the BX, it was already two years old back then, but nonetheless well kept, fred then proceeded to destroy most of it in a year and change. the frame cracked in the usual seatmast area, and fred stopped using it around late 1990, replaced by an 87 master that also cracked. the frame then underwent a series of owners until it was sold by me to a rider in 1994, who had it since then, it had by then cracked at the 990 adjuster area, probably die to the lack of welding respiration holes on the seattube, and the dropouts were chewed out, which is the reason the serial number is also had several niceties as a broken 5mm bolt in one of the 990 mounts, and a broken adjuster in the seattube.Fixing this frame was hard to do, but not impossible, and my good friend mr.irizarry helped me out for an entire saturday morning, thanks d!Still, the frame had to be rechromed, then painted similarly to its old skin of black, white and chrome, my man joe from hong kong got me the decals, thanks joe!, the bars were my third pair of kneesavers, originally blue and chrome, purchased in late 89 in bronx bikes at gunhill road, these were the bars I used to learn the hitchiker whips, and were totalled on the lever area from grinding them, I rewelded extra material and had them ground to shape again, they never bent, luckily. these were also sold a million times as is the usual in a country where these parts don't sell at retail. got them back aoround 1999 and had them lying around till now. the forks were found in a bike dump earlier this year and had to be rewelded at the drops, these forks are the only forks Ive ever seen with a crack as long as the saint andreas fault, on the steerer tube, but, these were good for the project, as they fit the frame and bar extra wasted bill perfectly. Im not riding this anyway, lol. the bike was rounded out with my own boss cranks purchased to john silvestri in 1992, belonging previously to danny parks, ex boss rider and current king of new york organizer. these also had to be rechromed, but are in good shape nonetheless, I even rechromed the og cups and bb assemblies. the post, clamp, and stem I found on a redline 500 a earlier this year as well and were in good round the parts list, my own tech 7s from 1993, a chrome nippon I got in 1990, porkchop dominator, 20 x 2.0 cst tires (kinda gave me the haro tire look), and a black 990.This could be one of my most personal builds yet, as most parts were either from my own past or my close friends, so its cool to give it another shot at life!

Submitted by polanco

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Sport
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 73.5
  • Seattube angle: 70
  • Toptube length: 19
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details haro sport 1987 frame and forks, folding fork standers, haro group one stem, haro kneesavers, dc tech 7's, nippon, ad 990, peregrine clamp, haro anlun post, dominator repro seat, ame tri grips, odyssey gyro gen 1, yst mx 2 type headset, boss pro cranks, sealed bb, compact disc sprocket, peregrine HP pro wheels, suntour freewheel, vp mks type pedals, kmc chain, cst tires.

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