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1988 Haro Team Master

1988 Haro Team Master

Custom Black & Chrome

Had this built for a year or so now, thought it was about time i let others see it!

Used to ride a Trickstar when i was a kid and a couple of guys i rode with had these when they first hit the scene bitd.  i remember always wanting one really bad but it never happened .. now i buy my own bikes i had to have one!!
The Master never came in this colour combo in 88 but it's how i wanted it... hope you like.

88 Haro Team Master frame and forks
Haro fork standers
Rechromed Haro 1st gen kneesavers
Haro 88 Team Stem
NOS 88 DC Nippon
Refurbed DC Tech 7's
NOS DC front cable dated 88
Rechromed Odyssey Gyro with NOS cables
NOS Ame' Rounds
NOS YST Headset
NOS Viscount Dominator
Repowdered Haro fluted post
NOS Peregrine clamp
Rechromed 2nd Gen Peregrine cranks with sealed BB
Haro Team Disc
NOS Victor VP-500 pedals
Rechromed Peregrine Super Pros
NOS Suntour 16t Freewheel
NOS Haro HPM 2.0 Tyres - would love a set of HPF's, but this is close enough till they come up (i've give up looking :-/ )
NOS Izumi chain - I have a correct spec KMC chain but it don't fit the freewheel, looks like i need to find a different size?!

Submitted by wildon

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Team Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"