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1988 Haro Group1 RS1

1988 Haro Group1 RS1

One of my favorites

I realize it is not a true "Team" model since it doesn't have the OG cranks etc etc. but i built it custom to my likes and figured it still deserves the "Team" title since it does have very good supplementented parts for the OG team parts.

Here is my Group1 after mine having gotten stolen like 20 yrs ago. I was able to get the same frame and forks in the exact same color I used to have and am now in the process of finishing it off.

Here is a list of the parts so far.

Frame and Fork: Haro Group1 RS1

Seatpost: Haro Fluted

Crankset: GT Power Series 3 pc. (Polished)

Pedals: Odyssey Black Widow

Chainring: GT Racing

Stem: GT Power Series (I think) (Polished)

Bars: Haro Kneesavers (Freestyle)

Grips: A'Me

Seat: Hoffman Bikes

Seatclamp: GT (polished)

That's it so far. Have the wheelset on the way (thanks to Fenwaykid for the sale of these) and the Dia-Compe AD990 are on the way also. Got the decals for the cranks from Rividude from here. (thanks rividude for the fast sale and shipping on those - I am VERY happy with em).

More photos to come when done. Would like to powdercoat it but I am have the worst luck finding the stickerset for this bike. But if I ever do it will be going in for the new set and Powdercoat.

When the good weather comes I am hoping to get some outside shots of it too.

Thanks for looking.