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1992 Haro Ground Master

1992 Haro Ground Master

I was lucky enough to pick this bike up as a complete and even luckier to have the friends that I do, who without them, this would just be another retro Master.
(Thanks Josh for the artwork and Ryan for the superb printwork!)

Any parts that I could restored were, and those that had perished were replaced with NOS or decent items.
The frame itself had a couple of issues from the factory. They had botched a couple of welds and missed one completely underneath the seatstay brace which led to a small crack across the brace. I had the chrome stripped to make the repairs and decided to try something special with some paint.

And indeed it is special. House of Kolor 'Black Diamonds' was applied expertly by Art In Motion (thanks Scott!) and the results speak for themselves in my opinion.

Hope you guys like her!

Parts breakdown:

1992 Haro Ground Master F/F
Haro Kneesaver bars (uncut)
Team Haro flangeless grips (NOS)
Haro Fusion stem (restored)
Odyssey Gyro (survivor)
Ogyssey Gyro2 cables (NOS)
DC Nippon (survivor)
DC AD990 (survivor)
Haro Fusion 175 crankset and BB (restored)
Haro Fusion 44t chainwheel (NOS)
Haro Fusion race pedals (survivor)
Peregrine Superpro hubs (NOS)
Ukai HP-48 rims (restored)
Haro Fusion Tuberider pegs (NOS)
Haro Fusion Velo seat (decent survivor)
Haro Fusion double-pinch seatclamp (restored)
Generic chrome layback
(replicated decals on everything!)

Submitted by FROFF

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Ground Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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