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1990 Haro Sport

1990 Haro Sport

1990 Haro Sport

This bike have a good but also a bad story!!!

I buyed this bike in the 90.

After some years i selled it to a friend of mine.When he had money problems, he gave the bike to an other friend of mine.

I was asking him if i can buy the bike back and he sayed "No, he have to keep it till the bill is payed".

My friend payed his bills and took the bike back.Suddenly my friend died of his heartproblems he had since he was born. Dam shit.

I was asking his girlfriend after a while if she have still the Haro Sport and she told me that the bike was sold for longer time.

This was around 2004.I was looking everywhere in my area but no success.

Last year (2010) my landlord and friend asked me to help him to bring some furnitures out of his barn.

He was Teamrider by GT in the middle - end 80`s.

We was passing the mountain of oldschool bmx stuff he have laying around there and what i saw,

there is my 1990 Haro Sport with my baby blue tuff wheels. Just the fork is not the original and the pedals are missing.

I asked him to sell it to me and he sayed " Take it , by me it will just getting more rotten."


I hope he will sell me some other stuff like the Torker 280z, the Redline RL20II and other nice things he have there.


Frame = Haro sport 90

Fork = Tange stamped at the moment (looks like a megaforce but it have not the two holes for the brake in)

Bar = Haro

Grips = Haro

Lever = Dia Compe Tech 77

Rotor = Gyro

Stem = Fusion

Breaks = Odyssey 1999 FS

Wheels = Tuff wheel II (Baby blue)

Tires = Front Peregrine/ Back Kenda

Seat = Haro

Seatpost = OG unstamped

Crank = Cro-Mo stamped

Sprocked = Fusion

Chain = KMC

Pedals = Fusion


I am looking for the original pegs in mind condition and a new set of decals. If someone knows where i can get it, plz let me know.

If any of the owner of an original fork can send me a closeup pic of the dropouts i would be very happy.

I have two forks in chrome but dont remember if they are original for the Haro Sport.


Thanks for looking.








Submitted by Oldschooldude72

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Sport
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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