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1995 Haro Shredder Deluxe

1995 Haro Shredder Deluxe

Rubbish Rescue

Free Bike SCORE!!! I found this bike in a dumpster on my way home from work one night I saw a spoked wheel and chrome peeking out of the garbage and I had to check it out. I couldn't see what kind of bike it was in the dark but threw it in the Jeep any way got home took it in to the garage and it was a sweet surprise. It had lots of surface rust most of the moving parts were rusted and stuck, but the decals looked pretty good for how trashed the bike was. I cleaned, and greased and cleaned some more, put a new chainring, chain, and grips and brought back to life the rest of the bike. She's good to go...I still cant believe that someone threw this bike in the trash, but I'm glad they did.

Submitted by Ralighshakers

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