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1982 Haro Freestyler

1982 Haro Freestyler

82 Haro Freestyler 1st gen!!! BUNCH of pics in the comment section!!! Thread about the bike how it was and how it came about:

VERY VERY few 1st Gen Haro's out there this is number 285 in the build line up!!!   The freestyle pics are of the owner of this bike BITD.  He is a cool guy and hooked me up on almost ALL the OG parts to this bike how he had/rode it BITD (suntour seatclamp, OG ano blue shimano dx's,Haro number plate (5), dia compe tech 2 levers).   The serial is TWW 285 F ....makes this an oct 82.  

*82 Haro Freestyler 1st gen frame (all decals are OG)

*Bottema m1 skatepark forks

*Dia compe ano blue MX 900's f/r

*Suntour clamp

*NOS Blue Elina lightning bolt seat

*MX3 Grab Ons

*Graphite skyway tuffs

*Haro Signature/Replica Vector bars 

*Sugino 400's

*NOS Schwinn 710 Maximizers tires

*Izumi chain

*NOS MX-10 Hatta chrome headset

*NOS Dia Compe Tech 2 levers

*NOS Dia Compe green *dated* cables

*81' Type 2 OG Bob Haro number plate (5)

Not pictured are the shimano dx ano blue (greasing them up and need DX end caps) and blue suntour clamp

Submitted by JohnnyTr8der

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Freestyler
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"