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1988 Haro Team Sport

1988 Haro Team Sport


Here is my Haro Team Sport, built up over the last 6 months. It started with the F/F purchased from Umby-guy, while looking for an RL-22 and then I set out to accumulate the rest of the parts. I've owned the original Chrome Master BITD, but this is my first ever Sport. The bars came to me from some idiot on the bay who mis-represented their condition! So, I sent them to Chip at C4 to have the black lower portion re-powdered along with the seat post. I picked up the Haro Team stem from Protrax and had chip redo the top plate. I kept the lower as is, but will likely take it off during the winter and polish it up! I picked up the repo Haro team disk (made by extremevert) from canadascott and the re-chromed single pinch 401 flight cranks from ebay. My buddy Gunluva gave me the sealed bearing BB & spindle and I had Chip powder the clean GT pedals in the same Haro blue as the stem top. Picked up the front Nippon (which I scratched) and NOS Tech 5 levers from Ebay. The NOS Blue lower Gyro was picked up here along with a NOS blue upper that wasn't long enough (hence the mixed gyro cable colors). The polished Peregrine SP Clamp was purchased from Sport and the Peregrine decals for the hubs and clamp were the product of UltraHive (Amazing work!). The wheels themselves were picked up on Ebay ($32 complete!) and were in piss poor condition, but I put some serious elbow grease into them and the finished product came out great. I sanded the side walls down and polished them along with the hubs (by hand using Cape Cod). I also replaced all of the original spoke nipples with black ano nipples for a nice contrast against the silver UKAI rims. I couldn't find the correct era type Haro tires, so for now it's making due with the newer school Haro HP tires. I'm not crazy about the white walls, but they go well with the white in the decals and they roll real nice! I'm hoping to get some black Haro Pegs at some point too. Also, I have a chrome Izumi chain, but like the way the new school chain looks. I had help in choosing a colored chain from StillInTheGame and I think it matches well. NOS Dominator seat was picked up here as well (sorry I can't remember who). All in all, she turned out great and rides like a dream! This bike has been sold to Johnnytr8der! Good luck with her Johnny!

Parts & Specs:
• Frame: 1988 Haro Team Sport (re-powdered and chromed by previous owner)
• Serial#:
• Tubes: 100% Cro-Mo
• Forks: Haro 1" threaded w/cable guides and fork standers
• Handlebars: Haro Knee savers original chrome and re-powdered lower
• Stem: Haro Team Stem w/re-powdered top
• Grips: A'me Tri's
• Seatpost: Haro fluted layback re-powdered black w/Haro blue decal
• Seat: NOS Viscount Dominator
• Seatpost clamp: Show polished Peregrine w/Haro blue decal (UltraHive)
• Levers: NOS Dia-Compe tech 5's
• Front brake/pads: Dia-Compe 883 Nippon w/Weinmann -micro adjuster/OG NOS Dia-compe white pads
• Rear brake/pads: Dia-Compe 990 U-brake w/DC pads
• Gyro: Odyssey 1" original w/ re-powdered black parts
• Gyro cables: NOS blue Odyssey lower & new Upper
• Brake cable, front: Dia-Compe
• Headset: NOS Tioga Bear Trap 2
• Cranks: Redline Single pinch 401 Flight Cranks (re-chromed) 180mm w/chrome bolt kit and sealed BB
• Pedals: NOS GT Platform 9/16" re-powdered the same Haro blue as the stem top
• Front sprocket: Haro Team edition repo made by extremevert
• Chain: New school blue (Mechanik I think) chain
• Rear sprocket/cog: 16T
• Wheels: NOS Peregrine 48's (sealed) - NOS Araya 7X rims and stainless spokes.
• Pegs: Haro Silver 26T pegs on rear
• Tires: Haro Aerial blue 20 x 1.75 skin wall tires
• Tubes: Danscomp 20 x 1.75-1.95 [/i]

Thanks for looking!

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Team Sport
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"