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1991 Haro Ground Master

1991 Haro Ground Master

My Main Rider - 1991 function, with 1987 looks.

This is my daily freestyler. A 1991 Haro Ground Master Frame. I pretty much transferred most of the parts from my 1992 Master, after the 1992 cracked ( in 2008 ) from almost 20 years of abuse (and love) :).

The frame was well used before I got it, Kind of a rust bucket... so just painted it and put some old 1987-88 Decals on. 91 Decals were pretty much impossible to find at this point, and I had these 87 decals here. Not trying to fake anything, I just didn't want it raw. I was always a fan of the 87 - and there were no reissues out at this point. It's (also) far from perfect.. but it's a great ride - with some old school vibe.

The rear built-in Peg bosses (specific to 1991) were damaged, so I had them ground off as flush to the frame as I could get them, so they would not interfere with any rear axle-peg tricks.


- 1991 Haro (Ground) Master Frame

- 1988 Mongoose Decade Pro forks — Previously 1992 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Forks

- 1989-91 Haro/Anlun (short) Team Stem — previously had a GT/SR Mallet, Park-Pre stem, and DK Inverted stem.

- Araya Super 7x Rims w/ Suzue Sealed hubs

- Redline double pinch Flights — previously GT Power Series one piece.

- Haro 88 CD Sprocket

- KKT SMX Pedals — previously Fusion plastic DX pedals - and also Victor 555 (DX) pedals.

- Tech 77 Levers (that I used back in 88-1992)

- Diacompe Nippons - Front Brakes

- Odyssey Evolver - Rear Brakes

- GT / Viscount seat

- Odyssey Gyro detangler

- Tires : Primo V-Monster 1.95

- Odyssey RX-2 Seat Clamp (from an 86 Skyway Street Beat) — previously Tange MX-5 Seat Clamp

- GT/Kalin Micro Adjust Seatpost

- Bars are an ever rotating cast, from to Peregrine Q Bars, GHP bars, and a few versions of Diamond Back Woody Itson bars...etc

(As you'll see in the thread pics, all of the parts keep changing - this is my main Rider... So I keep tuning it to ride better)

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Ground Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"