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1988 Haro Team Master

1988 Haro Team Master

Halloween Team Master

Originally a Turg/Mint Team Master when I bought it but even though I loved the Coral/Black Masters, I wanted something a bit different and original. Something nobody else has. I worked long and hard on this baby and she's finally done. I wanted a bike that looked good for both ride and show. I mixed it up a bit with NOS and era correct parts with not so era correct parts. I have a thing for great handlebars so I whacked on some Dave Mirra bars. I also like modern versions of the old stuff like Double Pinch Flights, new Tuffs and Gyro 3 so on they went. Overall I'm really happy with the results. 

BTW That's the Sydney Opera House in the background. It was too beautiful of a day so I put Master in the back of the car, headed to the city to have a ride and take some picures of my baby.

  • '88 Haro Master F/F (orig. Turq/Mint Team Model)
  • Haro Flip Down Forkstanders
  • Haro Dave Mirra Bars
  • DK XL Pro Stem
  • Tioga BearTrap II Headset
  • Ame Grips
  • NOS Dia Compe Tech 77 Levers
  • Odyssey Gyro 3 and Slic Kables
  • ACS 860 Polished Front Brakes with ACS Pads and Odyssey Adjuster
  • Dia Compe AD990 Rear Brakes Polished
  • NOS Tioga CD Sprocket
  • Redline Flight Cranks Double Pinch
  • Izumi Chrome Chain
  • Redline Shimano DX Clone Pedals
  • Skyway Tuff II Wheels with ACS Claws Freewheel
  • Primo Monster Skinwalls
  • Cheapie Chain Tensioners
  • NOS Odyssey Laid Back Seat Post (painted to match)
  • Peregrine Silver Seat Post Clamp (not pictured)
  • NOS Viscount Dominator Seat
  • Joe's Repro Decals

 The pics don't do it justice. Rides smooth as.


Submitted by Con Rad

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Team Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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