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1988 Haro Sport

1988 Haro Sport

Oh Yes, finally a NOS frame and fork for xtremevert!!! It was a long and hard battle. The day...July 5/2008. The day it all came together. Take a step back in time to (Thursday morning). I get an PM. Canadascott is interested in none other than a 1996 Haro Ultra that is Wetaskawin, Alberta Canada. He say's buy it, pick it up and send it to me and the frame, fork and bars are yours! (For about a month before all this I was bugging him for this bike through posts and PM's).  I say "Are you kidding man!!!" Thinking to myself "I Love this freakin bike!!!". I PM back saying is this for real? He says "Oh yeah, it's for real dude!". I agree. So my son and I head out for work Saturday morning to install gates and then drive out to pick up the Ultra. I say to the customer "So how far is it from here to Wetaskawin?" since we are in the middle of nowhere on an acreage. He says "Oh yeah go back down the way you came, hang a left and then another left and ye'll see a sign saying Wetasakwin blah, blah, blah". Sure cool, sounds good. NOT! So we are in the middle of nowhere and I say to my son "COLE grab the map out the glove compartment please!". This is when my son starts giving me a guided tour of the all the secondary gravel roads to Wetaskawin, Alberta. In a nutshell, I had some good quality time with my eldest son (12) and was able to FINALLY get the 1996 Haro Ultra for canadascott for trade on this beautiful 88.5 NOS Haro Sport. Ya know, I built my other Sport totally custom because I thought they're were way too many turquoise/mint Haro framesets in the museum, but once I got mine it all changed. I now remember the childhood infatuation of always wanting a turquoise/mint Haro bike. The bike is beautiful and I love it! I can hardly wait to build this set up!!! Thanks again Scott!

Submitted by xtremevert

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Sport
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"