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2002 Haro SR 2.0 24

2002 Haro SR 2.0 24

My only cruiser my favorite one haha.

This was purchased from a member on here and I went  and replaced a bunch of parts upgraded things quite a little bit .

 I really like the bike got really nice haro parts on it. I really like  the handlebars true cruiser bars and the stem is a CNC cut stem really really nice just a really sweet bike.

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: SR 2.0
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details Haro cranks Bullseye chainring Profile hubs Haro pedals Bullseye headset Haro cruiser bars Fusion brake lever Works1 padset Answer forks Haro seat Holly roller tires I'm running 14 rear 41 front so it rides like a 20" lots of top end .. I am anodizing a set a t1000 rims for this bike they will be blue flames with black rims that's gonna finish it off. This is my second to newest Sr to add to my list I have one more I bought the other day still working in it tho. I'm allso remaking the original decals as well