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Hardcore Machine Works (2012–2012)

Tracy Rice made all the Hardcore Machine Works stuff out of Wichita, Who knows more?

Found some over here.

Tracy Rice
Raced BMX throughout the Midwest from 1982 to 1996. Started racing at Sprockets Raceway on a Roger DeCoster 20 inch from The Bicycle Exchange East.

Soon after he began working as a mechanic at Bikes & Things in Haysville to fund his new habit. Tracy participated in the construction of the Emery Park track in 1987 and was heavily involved with track maintenance and operation through the years that followed.

His father who was a Tool and Die Maker purchased a milling machine and lathe for a home shop in the garage and soon after in 1989 they began building prototype bike parts. The demand for the hand crafted stems and unique seat post clamps quickly surged out of control and by 1992 they conducted sales literally world wide through a simple one page mail out flyer, not bad for the days before the World Wide Web. Their little garage company was known as Hardcore Machine Works and sported the stylized skull and crossed wrenches that Tracy created as the logo. They were the cosponsor for many bike shop teams in the Midwest and even some in Europe.

Tracy achieved the title of Kansas State Champion for 7 consecutive years, 5 of which were dual titles for both 20 inch and Cruiser. The weekend of the 1992 Kansas State Championship Finals he scored five 1st place wins, took 1st place at the 1992 ABA Grand Nationals as well as Race of Champions allowing him to run the ROC #1 for 1993. In 1995 several of the older riders made the transition to Pro it seemed to give all of them a new competitive edge, yet still have a lot of fun.

Over the years Tracy rode and competed it many other two wheeled adventures including Bicycle Trials and off road MTB Racing and still ride today on both a full suspension and dirt jumper.

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