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1977 Hank & Frank Force 1

1977 Hank & Frank Force 1

Very rare. Originally made for The Hank And Frank race team located in The Bay Area.

  I got this frame from a guy I knew from work. He kept telling me he had an old "Panda" that he got from a welder friend of his. He said the guy kept one and gave it to him for his son. He finally brought it to work and I knew it wasn't a Panda. I took a pic on  my cell phone and sent it to my nephew. He put it in the museum and within 15 min I found out what it was. Apparently around 200 were made and sold through the team store. Very prone to breaking they were discontinued.

  I put semi era correct parts that I had laying around and it turned out sweet.I wanna thank my nephew Matt ( Fulthrotle73 ) for getting, and applying the decals.

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