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1981 Hank & Frank Force 2

1981 Hank & Frank Force 2

Nice long sized frame, lucky to have one of the very few in the museum.

This a brief text from a bmx plus magazine, a review of the Force 2 published on the August '81 issue, page 40:

In early 1980 Hank & Frank began working on a new project: The Force 1 and Force 2. Both frames use race geometry and are identical in construction using Chrome-moly. The Force 2 has an extended front end measuring a full inch and a one half longer than the force 1. The 2 is for those riders  who feel they need the extra leg room. With a 37 ½ inch wheelbase the 2 is for bigger riders. The Force frames use a rear dropout design  very similar to that of the Thruster frame made by Speed Unlimited. 

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