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1986 GT Pro Series

1986 GT Pro Series

awesome race bike mean and clean

This 1986 GT PRO SEIRES race bike I will say.... is a great rider, the wide gt bars and layback makes this a awesome adult rider bike, it has all original 80s parts nothing except the tires have been changed, includes ORIGNAL FRAME PAD, araya rims , dia compe brakes GT bars, seat post, seat clamp, TUFF neck, I loved GT growing up and this is one bas ass bike. the only thing that was unfamiliar to me when I got this bike was the white coin gt decals on the headset and seat post mast part of the frame . these to me are the pro performer freestyle decals. since doing research these were in fact used on latter model race bikes along with either the wings yellow decals on frame and fork or could have even been used with the letters decals that are on some late model race bikes meaning 86 all depended on what was available and nearby at the time and part of the year these were assembled as complete bikes , frame and fork models as sales also differed,  if any one wishes to add or comment let me know if this is inaccurate.  Enjoy !!

Submitted by CJRADD

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