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1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Neon Beauty

 I found this a few weeks ago and ended up picking it up today. This was originally from Indiana. From seeing the pics I figured this would have lots of scratches etc. But when I seen it, I was absolutely amazed. This thing looked like it was barely ever ridden. When I arrived home I instantly began working on cleaning it up for 8 straight hours. I tore the whole bike down and washed each part individually.  Then I reassembled with new grease on all the bearings. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. This is one of the more rare GT colors and I am overly excited about adding it to my collection.  This is 100% Survivor condition. The serial # starts with G6A02.  Thank you for looking and remember " bikes are made to be ridden"!!!

Submitted by flintgtboy78

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