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1998 GT Power Series Pro

1998 GT Power Series Pro

Re-Build of 1998 GT Powerseries, Completed, with photo.

***Update*** October 14, 2018. Finished rebuild today, My first rebuild. Of course, it's raining, so the picture isn't great. Will post better ones when I can. Rides great. Very comfortable and lightweight.

My process:

Stripped Frame and forks, re-painted forks. (didn't want to powdercoat for 1st rebuild---til I had more experience with my 1st re-build process).

Installed new Bottom Bracket, bearings, etc

Installed new Headset, bearings, hardware etc

Original Handlebars were dented. Thanks "djflo0042012" for new OS Dyno Handlebars.

New A'me Grips

New Tektro Linear Brakes

144 Spoke Chrome Wheels, 20" x 1.75"

New ACS Maindrive

New Shadow Conspiracy chain

Replaced old rusted Chainring/ Spider with GT Spider & Chainring thanks to "Ahimsa9"

New Kenda Motocross tires

Only issue is the Tektro brake lines don't fit in the brake guides. They're complicated to cut the sheath off since they are encased in steel coil. So I've used a zip tie on the brake line, LOL.

Found on Craigslist. It had been posted for 2 months and the seller ended up giving it away. Going to use it as a project build with my  12 year old son who can earn the parts for a rebuild. Will strip the paint down on frame to the bare aluminum for a chrome look. Handlebars have a ding in center bar...we may or might not replace. The rims are true with a couple dings. Definitely needs new bearings, brakes, & possible headset. Everything looks mostly original, even the tires, which read :"AA Pro Race Compound". Top tube reads :"Powerseries". Inside Seat tube reads: "Pro Geometry"  and "Santa Ana Racing". Nice, lightweight bike.

Submitted by gasco