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1983 GT Pro

1983 GT Pro

GT Pro all original finishes not all parts old, but most are.

This started as a rusty frame and fork with wavy dropouts I bought off the museum. It cleaned up well. I straightened the drops and cleaned up the rust. I then found a set of uncut GT pro handle bars and uncut seat post advertised as 1983. A bent Black Dirt skirt was straightened and added. I used BMX products for most the decals. Originally I had Tuff II's, but then I found a rusty spoke set of 1-3/8" Pro Class wheels with green label Comp III's. They cleaned up nice. Square corner DK stem, Chrome Tech 3 rear lever, Chrome DC seat clamp, mismatched Red and Blue original Tuff pads, NOS Alongha rear caliper it cleaned up and works so nice I had to use it. Weinmann old school rear cable, Tioga headset lock, Tuf-Neck original finish black disc, NOS GT chainwheel bolts, the cable clamps are old school from EBAY.  Then some newer parts,175 Flites w/bottom bracket, Izumi chain, MX seat, AME grips, Tioga headset and some plastic pedals I had laying around that look like Shimano PDMX-15's The finishing touch was the Red PPP NOS chainwheel.  Most important to me is the frame and fork don't have any dents or dings or rubs.  There is certainly general wear and other imperfections but not 1 ding!  All in all it took about a year to get this to where it sits.   I did manage to preserve and keep on the original bike shop decal.  Probably my most expensive bike even though I tried super hard to keep the cost low.

Submitted by hurlz

  • Race
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Pro
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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