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1987 GT Pro Performer

1987 GT Pro Performer

So I went to a used mtb sale...

1987 GT Pro Performer F.S. stamp .

I restored this guy in the summer of  2017
the same year... I mean week , 
 I found it. Lol

I took it all apart before snapping any picks ...
Was a  little stoked about this one.

It was 100% original , but I've replaced the rims , grips, and tires until I recondition or replace them ....esp.the tires.
Those are so cringe, but it's all I had at the time.

She has the F.S. stamp and is painted , not powdered .
A $275 Auto  paint job gets you easy touch ups and blending if needed....and it's beautiful.
Its Also way easier to strip if one wanted to change the color.
Very easy.

Sold 04/20/2018