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1985 GT Mach One

1985 GT Mach One

My very first high end bmx bike. I had the actual one powdered in yellow because the chrome had seen better days and the thief who stole my original mach one sanded the SNs off, scuffed up the chrome pretty good in a cpl spots and put a cpl dings in it. I shouldn't have had it refinished because it had character and a story. Lesson learned and I was actually upset after I had it refinished as a grown adult. Perfect example of bikes only being original once. I took all of my parts off the yellow one and traded it to a buddy that was going to have this one done in white. I asked him, well I pretty much begged him to trade me my yellow ff,bars and seat post for this clean chrome survivor ff and asked him to have the yellow one done in white instead of the og chrome ff. Big thanks to you brother for the trade and helping me correct my mistake. 

 This is why most of the real collectors keep their bikes or the ff in its og color. This is exactly the way it was purchased with the exact parts. The layback seat post,araya 7x rims and pedals are the only parts that are different from the day I got it. I am not sure what happened to  my original rims but I will find the Satin silver alloy Ukai rims with the blue SR hubs one day. The tech 3 lever was even on this bike when purchased bitd. This is the 2nd year that GT put a complete bike on the market. 


Submitted by Jettn25

  • Race
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Mach One
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 85 GT mach frame 85 GT pro forks Unknurled GT pro bars GT bmx seat SR 85 dated GT mallet race stem SR seat post clamp GT stamped power disc SR cranks SR pedals Araya 7x rims with high flanged shimano hubs Dia compe tech 3 lever,85 dated cable and the og Dia compe 890 rear caliper with DC brake pads

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