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1999 GT Performer

1999 GT Performer

Christmas gift for my daughter

I promised my daughter if she learned how to ride a bike without training wheels before we left our camping trip she can have the blue performer that I posted on here. Needless to say she failed and I sold the bike. So I built her this one for Xmas. It started off as a 10$ spray bombed frame. My wife and I stripped it to bare medal. My wife primed it, painted the base color blue chameleon that changes colors, and clear coated it. After not getting the right gyro cables I decided to paint black ones neon pink with a glitter color change clear coat. Did this with the seat as well because it was a torn padded Gt seat so of course it was repurposed. I painted the letters on the DK stem pink. I also replaced the nipples on the rims with pink anodized. I custom made the valve stem cover using casino dice and jb weld. I used had a hard time making the decals, still can't get them Right but that's the best I came up with. All in all I say this turned out very nice for my daughters first real bike.

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