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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team

As many of you know from my other post "To Powder or not to Powder..." this bike originally started out as a Lavender Survivor but was rusted and peeling all over and basically looked beyond restoration. But I had faith in this build and sent it straight over to chip @ C4Labs who turned this beast into a beauty.

Now a little back story...So a member by the name of Tony Taylor was on vacation and posted a pic on Facebook of this bike sitting in a bike rental shop and so he called the number and worked out a deal with the owner for the bike. So then finally after 30 years sitting rusting away this little dream had a new home. Then one day Tony posted that he may be listing some bikes for sale and so I PM'd him and he mentioned to me that another member (which happened to be Opedogg47) already had dibs on it but if he decided he didn't want it then I would have next dibs. So I sat back and waited and found out that Opedogg47 did end up buying it. I was a little disappointed but thought well maybe I'll reach out to him and see if he would like to sell it. Well long story short we did come to a deal and now it was finally in my possession.

Well here is what it has become and I only need to add a few final parts to finish the build and will post the rest of the pics when I get it all together.

F/F/B/P: GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team
Mallet: SR Stamped dated 85 Re-Powdered in Maui blue
Grips: NEW A'ME PorkChop re-pops
Gyro Set: NICE SURVIVOR Maui blue
Seat: SURVIVOR SUPER RARE 87 GT Winged logo'd in Maui Blue
Seat Clamp: SURVIVOR 87 PFT winged logo
Cranks: NEW 2017 GT Power Series 175mm
Pedals: RESTORED 9/16 SR 474's
Power Disc: SURVIVOR GT Power Disc
Chainring: NOS Slotted GT 44T Re-Powdered white (pics coming soon)
Chain: SURVIVOR All Chrome GT Stamped every link (pics coming soon)
BB: NEW 22mm Profile with Anodized blue hop-up
Standers: NOS F/R Maui Blue GT Stamped
Brakes: Front - NOS Re-Powdered Maui Blue Dia-Compe 883 Nippon dated 87
             Rear - SURVIVOR AD990 with First Gen Straddle cable
Pads: F/R White Dia-Compe
Wheels: F/R 20" Ukai Speedlines laced to 1st Gen Sealed Bearing Superlace hubs
Tires: NOS GT Freestyle 20x1.75

Submitted by AIRGHOST