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1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

One of the bikes I've always wanted

Sold all my bikes awhile back when I was getting ready to buy a house. Now that I settled in... I'm suck back in. This is the first one I bought when I started over. Almost everything is all original (except the pink parts). I added the nos Frame & fork standers and the seat clamp. The mallet was pink originally but restored by chip from what I was told from seller.

I'm at 6 now and looking to get a 85 next.
Also have a white 2017 26" I'm going to sell that has never been rode. If anybody looking for one in California by sac or the Bay Area. I'll sell for 500 pick up. Not looking to ship it. Only Selling because I bought a 2018 
Almost finished with blue 87.. all I need are some grips & some og tires when I find them. 

Thanks for looking...