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1986 GT Pro Performer

1986 GT Pro Performer

MY Radd 86 MACHINE !!

This bike was one of my ALL TIME FAVS, Back in the 80s as a real deal BMXER, I purchased one just like it in 86, custom built it frame fork to a complete bike, and when I seen this one up for sale, I had to have it,, it just had the very same vibe, my original bike was a dayglow pink, and ill add a pic of that soon, but it doesn't matter I felt the same way as I did back then as I do now, looking at this and owning it in my collection, its all GT original paint, parts and pieces, the only change was to a power disc and nos GT chainring.. hope you like it EDDIE!! and all the rad riders....

Submitted by CJRADD

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