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1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Tag sale find, I will add proper photos when it's built

i have been spending a fortune building a 87 pft for the last 6 months.... And then this happened.

I went to a tag sale down the street and saw a pile of old bikes, now I'm excited. I see the GT logo on a blue bike and pulled it from the pile. It was a pft with a bunch of chrome mongoose parts from Walmart on it. I offer the guy a hundred bucks for the pft and a 83 mongoose expert and he says deal instantly! So I'm happy now and he says to me, it's a deal but I want all the chrome parts off the bike and I will give you all the stock parts I took off, now I'm really excited. He comes back out from his house with a overflowing box of gold which is what you see in the pic. I first see the 474 pedals and a like new blue gt seat. I can hardly keep myself composed while handing him the cash. So the deal is done and I am walking down my street with bike parts hanging all over me with a giant smile. He has the mags on a bike for his daughter that o couldn't get him to part with, I will let him blow all his cash from the tag sale and then hit him up for the mags. So now I'm not sure if I am going to powder all the parts and make it mint or keep it original and continue my 87 build. The parts do have some rust and scratches but no dents of any kind, oh the tough decisions in life, lol

So here it is. Almost done with the build on 7/21/17. I added the new pics and as you can see I powder coated everything and replace all the rubber and plastic with nos parts except the seat. I am still on the hunt for a bright white nos seat that I can't find anywhere. I have a few nos 87 seats but I want it all original. I reused every nut and bolt that came with this bike new. I added pegs and am waiting for my frame extender to come in so I can complete the bike, I will add final pics soon.

Submitted by Angelo01033