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1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour


This came to me as a survivor Frame, Fork, and Bars. Paint and finish is 100% OG with no touching up. This is my daily rider and the most dialed in of all my bikes.  Although it's a mishmash of mid 80s GT parts, it's my favorite and most unique ride.  It's gone through a bit of transformation this summer as parts have come and gone and for ride-ability. 

- Early G6F SN# F/F (< 0100 SN)
- GT Epoch Headset
- SR 85 Mallet
- GT 1st Gen fork standers
- OG Chrome Dyno Drain Pipe Post
- DC MX900 front, DC 880 FS rears 
- OG Japan 1287 dated DC Tech77 Levers
- Repop GT Power Series Cranks and BB
- 88 GT Power Disc and GT sprocket & bolts
- 88 GT winged clamp
- New GT BMX padded seat
- New GT Pro Performer Chrome Bars
- MKS Grafight XX pedals
- Mishmash of OG and Ultrahive decals
- GT Mohawk 36H laced to Sun Levanter hoops
- Panaracer Tires

Submitted by Quattrotakis

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