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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team

Holy Grail Original Survivor DAYGLO Pink Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model!!!

My SURVIVOR 1987 Dayglo Pink GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model. I've always wanted one and when this one became available I had to have it. I purchased this complete bike from another collector and the only parts I added to it were the survivor OG A'me flangeless grips and survivor Gt pegs. The original DAYGLO pink and original decals are in awesome condition and the bike appears to be hardly ridden as he told me it was in storage since 1988, even the dice caps look OG. One of the coolest things I love about this bike is the "Mountain Dew GT Trick Team" decal on the handlebars. The collector that I purchased this bike from told me that the decal was given to him from a close friend that was a pro flatland rider on the mid 80s Mountain Dew GT Trick Team. I love the survivor super laces and survivor ukai set up (original blue and white ukai decals). There are also a couple of sweet OG pink Dyno stickers that were placed on the frame set to protect the frame from the frame standers. This is one of my favorite bikes and I'm happy to add it to my collection.

Submitted by MatthewCaliLyfe

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