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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team


i tried my best to get the cleanest parts for this build. some things are almost impossible to find. i started off with a pretty nice frameset. Original team model. i ended up refurbishing the seat myself and it came out pretty good. i touched up the logo too. i found a nice set of 87 dated cranks and slapped decals over the screen print and they came out solid. i had to resort to refinished pedals, chainring and stem. i stripped and painted the chainring myself and i was lucky to find a very nice gt stamped chain for this build. the tires were elusive but picked the best 2 out of 4 that i bought and cleaned them up. i found a nice set of used mags after passing on a nos set. i went thru alot of trouble hunting down these parts and after about a year, im finally done! 

gt pro freestyle tour team f/f/b/p og paint/decals
gt power series cranks dated 87 repop decals
gt power series disc
gt stamped chain
gt epoch headset
gt performer lavender mags
gt freestyle tires
odyssey gyro
nos nippon dated 88 :(
nos gt chainring bolts
nos ame bubble font rounds
nos upper and lower cables
nos dc front cable dated 87 :)
nos gt fork standers
nos gt frame standers
nos gt clamp
ad 990 dated 87
tech 7s
repowdered gt mallet
repowdered sr 474s
repainted chainwheel (by me)

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