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1986 GT Pro Performer

1986 GT Pro Performer

Very limited production bike. Dayglo Yellow w original finish and decals.

Original finish 86 GT Pro Performer. Recently acquired so I don't know the history other than the person I purchased this from says he is the original owner and it came without a serial number. Upon further inspection there is evidence of a number 4 as the first number. Getting past that, what I find so awesome is that the bike appears to have virtually no color fade. When I got it the bike had stickers everywhere and were tattered so I removed a few expecting to see a difference in the paint but there isn't any. It's 100% original finish as the scratches and scuffs would prove. 

I decided to not use the white mags I initially had for the bike and instead put on these NOS ACS Zrim hoops I laced to Suzue highflange hubs. I had NOS GT tires in black and figured it would go better than white tires. I put on a Hawaiian Blue GT post and the GT pad and boom, this is what it added up to be. I hope you like the bike as I do, and maybe it is one of your favorites...

Found an original post, got it from a good friend of mine. I put it on and this thing is coming together so nice. I added blue ukai rims and I have the rest of the pad set I'll be mounting sooner or later

Lmk what you think 

Submitted by TimCirello

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Pro Performer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 86 frame and fork (American) NOS ACS Zrims NOS GT tires Odyssey 6 bolt stem Gt seat Gt post GT stamped Chain GT pad set auto'd josh white MX 1000 brakes Acs locking levers

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