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1986 GT World Tour

1986 GT World Tour

Got this new for my birthday in 86, rode the hell out of it. Sold and traded most of the parts in the late 80's. had it repainted in 89, it sat in my grandmother's basement from about 92 till two years ago. it was scratched to hell and back so I had it painted last year. slowly been buying parts to put it back to the way it was new.

Frame - GT
Forks - GT
Decals - Ultrahive 
Headset GT epoch
Stem - GT sr stamped mallet 
Bars - GT
Grips - ame
Seatpost - GT original to the bike
Seat - GT
Seat clamp - GT
Brakes - f/r Odyssey 2000 with rx3 levers
Crank - sr cosmolite
Pedals - sr mp 470
Chainring - sr w gt power disc
Bb - hatta
Chain - kmc
Frame & fork standers - GT
Rims - OGK
Tires - gt (vancom)

Submitted by vintagebmx1977