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1989 GT Performer

1989 GT Performer


A real barn find.

My Dad finds me another sweet bike.  This CR-MO Performer was really found in a barn, surrounded by hay and full of rust.
I didn't think I could get it this clean.  Don't let the pics fool you.  In the sun, you can see all of the pitting, but in the shade or 5 feet away, it's awesome.
It needed tires, tubes, chain, brake pads, grips, cables, freewheel, and pedals.  It rides so good, all of the bearings are good.  The axle nuts appear to have never been taken off the bike.  Dropouts are excellent.  Decals still look amazing  I believe it was all original.  I think it was rode for a year and stashed away in the barn for over 20 years.  I only paid $60 for this bike.
I added......
Panaracer HP406 tires
NOS GT pedals
GT AME grips
Odyssey cables
Dia-compe brake pads
Purple dice caps
KMC silver and black chain
Dicta freewheel, chrome and black

I have to thank my buddy John aka bRADdlphns for the rust removal of my bars and seat post. He put them in his citric acid bath or whatever he called it

Submitted by GTbee10