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1984 GT Pro Performer

1984 GT Pro Performer

84 pro performer decaled as a 86 in 86.

####1984#### Gt pro performer. Im totally freaking out about this bike right now! Its in pretty good but not great condition. it has some good period correct parts. Pro neck ll stem, tuff ll mags, petes precision chain ring, tainge seat clamp mks grafite x pedels , se racing standing gear forks and other parts. I think im just going to touch up the paint chips, dye the mags back blue clean up the chrome and re oil everything. Im not sure what to do about the decals because they must have been put on in the early 80s. Hope you like it! 

9-4. I cleaned and buffed everything. I also repacked the bearings. The anodizing on the tuf neck was shot so i mixed up some clear with blue tint. I also dyed the mags. I think its going to stay like this because the decals were put on by the orginal owner back in the 80s so for me that just makes it cooler. Let me know what you think!  .......Sold......: (

Submitted by cdbcorybennett