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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

One of my original bikes from BITD!!!

This bike was a true labor of love (AND MONEY!!!).  This bike was one of my original bikes I rode BITD, and was actually the last bike I rode on until I stopped regular daily riding in 1992, not long after I got married and had to "grow up". I bought this brand new from Action Bikes in San Antonio, Texas back in the spring of 1987. As usual - a few parts got swapped out for "better" parts not long after that.  I still kept all my original parts thankfully (I was a hoarder even back then!). It was originally GT Blue but by 1989, the paint on it was pretty rough (I took good care of my bikes but still rode the DOG-SNOT out of them!). I decided to have it chrome plated as that's originally what I wanted when I bought it but the shop didn't have one. I was lucky that the father of one of my good friends I had growing up, worked at one of the local plating shops. He stripped down the remaining paint and chromed my f/f, bars and seat post. It cost me a whoppin' $75 of my hard-earned money (if only it still cost that much today!!!). Not really caring about going back with original stickers (which were still actually plentiful back then), I chose to go with the latest sticker set as I though it was cooler looking back then anyways. Over the next couple of years, it had a few more parts changed out on it (rear brakes / bars / stem / cranks / seat post clamp).

As a kid growing up, my bikes "lived" in my bedroom with me.  My parents hated it but they realized as much money we spent on my bikes, it was probably the best thing. Our garage was always cluttered and I grew up living in a not-so-nice neighborhood anyways. From about 1993 to 1997, I didn't ride much and if I did, it was usually on a friends bikes. My wife wasn't as understanding in the early days as she is now so my bikes ended up out in storage sheds during that time. Time, temperature and the elements were not kind to my beloved scoot.  As you can see from the pictures below, it was not pretty at all when I dug my GT out of the shed. I dug it out to "clean it up" when I found out my wife was pregnant with our first child and thought it would be cool to clean it up and restore it so one day I could give it to my son.  This one little project became the catalyst for all things to come with regards to bike collecting!!! In 1997, I had heard of eBay and used it a few times before but had never giving any thoughts to eBay and BMX.  Little did I know there was a whole other world out there to finding parts!  eBay lead me to other collectors, VintageBMX and OS-BMX (now BMX Society) as well as many other sources.  I WAS HOOKED! I started buying up just about every bike I ever wanted back then (and then some) as well as a butt-load of parts from old bike shops everywhere I traveled to. I had a major BMX-addiction even worse than when I was a teenager!!!

Fast forward to 2003 when I finally found the last piece I needed to finish it up - a new set of Power Series cranks. I kept my old ones but they're REALLY rough and I haven't ever put the time into restoring them (and before anybody asks - no - I won't sell them either!). I chose to keep a few of the parts that I either had on it back then, or in my tool box when I built it back up in addition to the new parts I bought for it.  Here is the finished product.  It has it's space reserved for it in my bedroom along with a few other choice bikes even to this very day. No more days of ever living outdoors as long as I'm alive!!! Below are some pics of me on it BITD and before the restoration (GOD, it was UGLY!!!)

Here's a breakdown of its build:

Frame / Fork: GT Pro Freestyle Tour - Team Model - re-chromed with NOS stickers set applied

Handlebars: GT Freestyle - re-chromed with NOS stickers set applied

Grips: A'me Round's - NOS, prior to building

Stem: GT "meat clever" - NOS, prior to building

Headset: GT Epoch - used - original from BITD

Rims: GT Superlace - Ukai hoops w/ Superlace sealed bearing hubs – NOS, prior to building

Tires: GT 1.75” Front and Rear - NOS, prior to building

Brakes: Dia-Compe Nippon - Front / Shimano MTB centerpull Rear - used - originals from BITD

Levers: Dia-Compe Tech 7's  –  restored - used - originals from BITD

Cables: Dia-Compe / 1st Gen Gyro - NOS, prior to building

Detangler: Odyssey 1st Gen Gyro - NOS, prior to building

Pedals: SR  -  restored - used - originals from BITD

Cranks: GT Power Series - 3 piece – NOS, prior to building

Bottom Bracket: GT Ultralite - sealed bearing - NOS, prior to building

Chainring: GT - 45T – NOS, prior to building

Seat: GT - lightly used

Seat Post Clamp: GT – NOS, prior to building

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