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1985 GT Performer

1985 GT Performer

One of my favorite GT's :) Shout out to Tony!! Thanks for the sweet ride!

Picked this one up just last weekend, Super sweet Ride, Japanese G5 Stamped Triple hole gusset

1985 Japanese Made GT PRO Performer Frame/Bars/Day-Glo Pink Seat Post

1985 Black SR CrMo Japanese GT Mallet Stem
Tioga Comp Pool Wheel front/ Cheng Shyn Tyre Rear
GT SR CrMo Black Mallet
Black Johar Top Tube Pad (till I can find GT's)
One Pink One White GT Frame Standers
One 26T GT Peg
Searching for a couple parts to complete it, nice GT Pro Perf. Seat, Izumi Blue Silver chain and Some Cool GT or Bullseye pedals or something of the like.