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1997 GT Interceptor

1997 GT Interceptor

1st Ever Build

This is my first build ever and although the species isn't endangered or rare I learned a lot along the journey and spent way to much $!

I got this old rusted GT Frame and Fork set with some really rusted vintage Haro freestyle bars. I didn't know what type of GT it was however I thought it was 80's and would be worthwhile restoring it. I soon realized it wasn't that old but it just looked very neglected. The seat post was also well and truly seized. However it was in reasonable structural shape the drop outs were bent but there was no noticeable wear marks or damage so I though what the hell the bike was probably a faithful servant to some young kid for sometime and deserved to enjoy a happy and health retirement.   

So I took the frame set and bars in and had them reverse plated to remove rust and the original chrome and re-plated at Gold Coast Electroplating. They did a reasonable job although there was the odd imperfection here and there but they were a reasonable price and I was not unhappy with the final result.

From there I sourced the components and commenced the build. As pictured I was waiting on an original chain ring and spider and black seat and grips so I went for a blue theme in the meantime as I was busting to ride it! However soon after went the original Chrome and black to keep in the spirit of this model

Component List:

97 GT Interceptor Frame & Forks
80's Haro Freestyle bars
Mid School GT Stem
NOS GT Mohawk low flange loose bearing hubs 
Femco 36 Spoke 20 x 1.75 rims
Mongoose mid school 1 piece cro-mo crank
GT stamped Spider and Black chain ring
NOS GT cro-mo lay back seat post
Redline Seat Clamp
Tektro Center pull rear brake caliper
Original right brake lever
NOS GT Pro series decal set 

The finished bike is better than I expected it's ultra light and I can see why these were a favored option for racers back in the day.

Submitted by FloRida