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1985 GT Pro Performer

1985 GT Pro Performer

Eddie Fiola tribute

I picked up this 85 Pro performer frame and fork already refinished by C4 in the for sale section here. I've always liked the flying banana bike and wanted to do a rider I could enjoy. I know Eddie ran the race forks but I like the look of the freestyle forks. I picked up a set of pro series bars and color matched the yellow. The skyways just needed a good cleaning and WD-40 soak. I had the tires and brakes in the garage. My buddy donated the seat post and I sprayed it black. I picked up the power disc and chain ring here on the musuem. The gold anodizing was hiding under a thick coat of white spray paint I stripped off. Found the seat and pedals here on the museum. The pads are the authorized repros from Justin. I'm still on the look out of a set of yellow and gold finned Skyway brake pads.

Submitted by Dan2580

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