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1987 GT Performer

1987 GT Performer

My daily rider! I am the original owner of this 1987 GT Performer. I bought it new from the local bike shop with my hard earned paper route money! I still have the receipt and manual.

1987 GT Performer (New model decals applied when I didn't know any better! I plan to change them back to original someday.)  The bike came complete with all white components, OGK Performer mags, white GT tires, white seat... etc.  Over the years I stripped all those parts off and made the bike more personal and unique.  I still have the majority of the original parts, including the white mags which are currently on my brothers Haro Sport!

GT 3 piece cranks
GT Seat post
GT 4 piece Bars
DK mini stem UPGRADED to GT Mallet
Odyssey Gyro w/SST cables
GT Front pegs (I have the fold down GT fork stands in chrome, just not installed)
Rear pegs?? (I have the rear frame stands in black just not installed.)
GT Seat post clamp with quick release mod
GT AME Grips w/AME end caps
Odyssey Pitbull rear brake 
Odyssey RX 3 locking levers
Odyssey front brake
Pro Neck 45 tooth chain ring
GT FSA EPOCH headset - Installed recently with GT Mallet
GT Spider
GT Seat
GT stamped VP pedals
GT Tires
Kin Lin 48 spoke rims w/JoyTech high flange hubs

Submitted by KHaus