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1985 GT Pro Performer

1985 GT Pro Performer

Real nice lavender Pro Performer right here :) SEE second picture for true color :)

Real nice survivor set right here. Tried to use as many survivor parts as I could to make the build come together the way I wanted it too. I took some really nice pictures but the lavender parts looked pink so I took a couple quick pics in the backyard under the tree in the shade to show the true color.

Parts list....

 85 GT Pro Performer frame & fork = Survivor

 86 GT Pro World Tour bars = survivor

85 GT seat = NOS

 85 GT seat post = refinished

 85 GT seat post clamp = survivor 

86 dated Dia Comp Nippons w/ tech 6 levers = survivor

Odyssey Gyro = survivor & Cables = NOS 

 Suzue hubs w/ araya hoops & GT Tires = NOS 

Tioga power disc & SR opc's = survivor

Submitted by calismoooth

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