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1984 GT Mach One

1984 GT Mach One

this is the bike i like to ride with my kids

This was my cousins bike i traded him the mags off my 1986 gt world tour when we were kids for the frame, forks, headset, crank and chainring, It was chrome but from all the years sitting in my parents garage it was very rusty so i painted it white and started to restore it.

frame - gt
forks - gt
headset - hatta mxii
stem - sr 422
bars - gt pro
grips - ame round (new)
brakes - dc 890 caliper and dc tech 3 lever
seat - elina flyte tech (changed to black 83 84 gt seat)
seat post - no name chrome steel
seat clamp - sr
crank - sr (original to bike)
spider and chainring - sr (original to bike)
chain - izumi
rims - acs z rims with matching z hubs
tires - LHR
pedals - sr 468

Submitted by vintagebmx1977