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1985 GT Pro Performer

1985 GT Pro Performer

Held onto this one for 25 years, been a great rider.

Got my GT when I was 13 from my sister's boyfriends brother and can't let go. Much nicer now than it ever was. Fresh powder and decals,has always been white since I got it,but found green behind the bearing cups. Dont really like the 85 green so kept her white. Always switching it up, just like back in the day.
F/F/B 85 Pro Performer 10/85 fs stamp/ US built
POST- circle stamp GT
STEM-Dyno spin tech/85 Sr mallet
BRAKES-pitbull rear /diacompe nippon front

Levers- tech 7 locking
WHEELSET- ACS RL Edge or old tuffII skyways
TIRES- old gt skinwall
CRANKS- Aero 170 )swapped on correct opc and chain wheel 
PEDALS- KKT Lightning/lollipops on opc 

Submitted by bmxromance