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1990 GT Pro Series 24

1990 GT Pro Series 24

Picked up f/f from a member. Building it up as a "retro".

My first quality build, atleast IMO. I like the classic early- mid 80's bmx era, and The cruisers are great. Got a great deal on the frame and fork, made a few purchases and pieced it up. It'll be my rider. Thinking about some repop Santa Anna decals.

1990 GT 24" Pro or Pro Series, not sure if they are one in the same or not?!? I believe the last year of GT made in USA & caliper brakes.
Nos GT Race Lace hubs,purchased here, built with new Rims, Kendra tires
Elina seat stamped 81', purchased here.
Odyssey seat clamp & brake, stamped 85'
Campy Athena cranks & chaining,  from a friend.
GT stem, seat post, Redline bars, came with frame.
Shimano used Dx pedals, purchased here.

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