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1986 GT Pro Series

1986 GT Pro Series

My winter/rainy day rider.

Bought this frame last year specifically to build a winter bike. The f/f itself is kinda roached; at some point somebody flat-landed the bejesus outta this thing - when I got it, the steer tube on the fork and the seat tube on the frame were pretty tweaked. I was able to straighten the fork, and also managed to fit/shim a seat post ok, and built it up as a rider. I didn't love it last year, and subsequently tore it down, but this damn winter's been so long I recently built it back up with an eye towards using what I had/ cheap stuff. Hence, Chop sealed bb and hs, (survivor) knock-off Suntour stem, taiwan bars, etc. Plus, '85 SE Sansin hubs, Araya 7x, Sugino GT, KKT Lightning, DC, etc. Tires are Odyssey Aitkins, run at around 30 PSI. I did new school tires hoping they'd have traction, and I'm not disappointed.  I geared it at 42-16 as a result of the rolling resistance, but they hook up pretty good in the snow - always a trade off. Overall, I think I have it dialed ok, although, I have to say, this is one of the quicker-steering old-school bikes I've ridden. Regardless, I'm digging having a bike to ride even though the weather sucks my big brown bunghole. Moreover, I'm stoked that I'm still riding and enjoying this beat-up old classic whenever, wherever. 

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