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1990 GT Aggressor

1990 GT Aggressor


My 1990 GT Aggressor. I finally put the correct decals on it but included a pic of the decals that were on the fame set when I got it. I owe many members of the museum here some thanks, especially member mowgli5555 for selling me the frame, fork, and bars. The decals were put on by him and I really dig the GT wings on the down tube so I kept them. I purchased the Ukia wheel set from member motomaster and switched out the original hubs for a set of sealed GT Mohawks. I know it's not quite era correct but I dig those hubs and it was a lot more cost effective, not to mention they look damn cool on it. I got a good deal on the Primo cranks from member SCIVIC94 also. The mallet stem is fake but I'm looking for an SR mallet and it will get switched out when I find the right one. I also have a set of SR Power Series cranks I'm debating putting on this. They will go on either this or a '87 PFT which is a future project.

Submitted by Sgt. Baker

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