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1990 GT Vertigo

1990 GT Vertigo

Last of my BITD bikes.

(EDIT)- This is actually a "1990" model ('90 was first year for double bend lower main tube on Vertigos), built in July 1989 according to serial number.

There are some discrepancies with the seat stays/top main tube junction that *at this time* I contribute to using old-stock left over

 triangles from previous un-built 1989 models.


I had quite a few department store bikes when I was young, most of which were rode until they fell apart.
My first GT was a white '87 Performer (stolen), replacement was a white '89 Performer
(I had a single mother, she worked very hard to get me both). Somewhere around 1991 I realized that
a painted bike wasn't durable enough and started to want a chrome one. My best friend at the time was
going to sell his chrome 89* Vertigo (this bike) to buy a mountainbike. I convinced him to trade for
my '89 Performer and sell it instead and I've basically had this Vertigo ever since.
After high school I got into cars. The Vertigo wound up in the hands of a cousin who totally abused it.
The once flawless seat post clamp, brake caliper, etc, came back to me scratched and gouged.
The rear hoop had a couple major dents, seat was cracked, but atleast I got it back. I always took good care
of my possessions so I was pretty pissed- the GT wound up stored safely away in my closet after that.
Fast forward a few years to when I was in the Army. Everything I owned was stored at my mother's house.
She decided to try and get back into shape- since my GT was there, she started riding it. So imagine a 5'2",

55 year old, slightly overweight woman riding this thing down the street. :D
Now we get to present day (spring 2013). I was feeling nostalgic, so I dug the GT out of storage. It hadn't
had a proper washing or polishing in well over a decade, let alone any simple maintenance. I'm surprised the time it
spent on the patio/in the shed in Houston while at my mother's place- with 500-inches-of-rain-a-year, didn't
have a worse effect on the chrome. I decided to start with simple maintenance issues (repacking bearings,
finding the correct grips..) and it quickly spiraled out of control and turned into a resto/rebuild.

The chrome is in better shape than the typical survivor, so I have no interest in a re-dip.

I did the vinegar bath for a few parts- but the f/f are untouched
Following lists are broken down into 2 basic categories.
First are parts that I kept from how it was built in the early 90's.
Second is what has recently been changed- some are parts that I always wanted (4 piece bars, pegs), some are
parts that I tore off as a kid and bought for "bitd restoration" (gyro, triple traps, etc).


This is how I built it through trades as a kid- the only thing left "1990 Vertigo" are f/f and seat.

OS parts-
1990 GT Vertigo F/F ---*EDIT* I'm gonna call it an "89 1/2" model for now.
Low flange GT flip flop 36h Race hubs with sealed bearings, 3/8 chromoly axles (Hollow rear/ Hollow & Slotted front)
Araya chrome 7X hoops
Stainless spokes/nipples
Pro-Neck Powerdisc (?) Tioga style but no stamping.
Pro-Neck 44T Chainring
D.I.D. Chain
GT Layback Seatpost (G on top of T stamp)
GT Double-bolt Seat Post Clamp
GT 2188 Viscount Seat (NOS in pic, identical to non-winged OG on this bike, original was cracked and changed out- OG chrome seat guts used)
ACS BOA 6mm rear caliper w/ dia-compe pads from early 90s
Unknown neck (scratched off the logo back in the early 90's)
might be a Primo or DK or Haro or Mongoose or whatever clone...

"Recent" parts-
GT Decals for a '99 Speed Series (a friend worked in the vinyl shop that was making them for GT)
GT Bars/Levers from a 2000/2001 Pro Performer

GT onepiece cranks from a 2000/2001 Pro Performer (nicer chrome than my original Sugino's)
GT AM'E Grips (repops)
GT "Wing Emblem TREAD" Tires (repops)
GT 26T Pegs
Odyssey Triple Trap pedals
Odyssey Gyro2/cables (NOS)- *EDIT- I noticed in the '89 GT catalog that the Performer had a gyro but the Vertigo had an ACS Rotor. I clearly remember removing a single-cable guide cup (ACS Rotor style) from the headset years ago.
Odyssey Pott's mod bolt (NOS)

Odyssey Slic cable for front.

ACS 860 front caliper (w/ Chinese ebay pads to match OG dia-compe's in back- close but not quite)
VP H755 Headset- looks identical to my OS, works with gyro2

Generic chain tensioners
Bell "self-sealing" tubes
(I wish we would have had tire slime bitd- who else grew up in an area with "goat head" thorns?)

Last pic is fresh from storage, still with the 90's parts- virtually unchanged from how I rode it as a kid.


Submitted by NVcali

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Vertigo
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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