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1986 GT Pro Performer

1986 GT Pro Performer

this was my bro's bike. he bought it brand new but sold it around 88/89 for dirt cheap and my dad bought it back and cleaned it up and repainted it in late 1992 and replaced all the bearings. he used 1992 pro freestyle tour decals... my brother also replaced the white gt mags with araya rims and i cant remember what kind of hubs they are...he did this back around 87/88 i think. this bike was originally day glow pink. the bike shop it was purchased from bought a day glow pink frame set and built it into a complete bike, which my brother bought. this frame is missing a number in the serial number. it should have a 6 after the 8.


this bike has now been fully restored. pics updated, parts list added.

Frame/Fork/bars/Seatpost - Repowdered by Chip at C4 Labs
OGK GT Performer Mags - Restored
GT Shinko Tires - NOS
Dia Compe NIPPON Front Brake - NOS
Dia Compe 901 rear Brake - NOS
Odyssey Gyro Cables - NOS
Gyro Setup - restored
Dia Compe Tech 5 Levers - NOS
GT Mallet Stem - Restored
GT Epoch Headset - NOS
GT Seat post Clamp - Restored
White GT Seat - used
Chain - new KMC
Power Disc - Original
Chainring - Original
Cranks - SR Cosmo Lite/ used
SR SP-470 Pedals - Original/NOS reflectors
GT Pegs - NOS

Submitted by DemonGT